Pilky & Annes travel diary and pictures

Travels from our home in Preston, England to Australia via New York, Windsor (Ontario), Las Vegas, San Fransisco, Raratonga (Cook Islands), Fiji, and New Zealand.

Tuesday,18th November 2003

Some photos of Australia uploaded today - From Cairns north to Cape Trib, and then south down the east coast as far as Noosa!

Sunday,7th September 2003

Some more photos of New Zealand uploaded today - Zorbing, Rotorua etc.

Wednesday,20th August 2003

Sorry its been so long, heres a quick update! You can see some pics of our travels in California, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Fiji, and New Zealand.

Wednesday, 25th June 2003

Tonight, after a lazy day for myself and Anne, work for Wooly and preparations by Caro we had the fireworks and celebrations for Windsor and Detroit Freedom Festival, there was live music and a funfair on the waterfront. People were setting out their seating areas and reserving spaces from midday! We had a barbeque on the balcony, some of Phil and Carolines friends came over, Mick & Jane, and Ian & Ruth (I actually know them from Leyland Trucks before they emigrated) - we had a great time. There was coverage on the TV, and we watched all the traffic reports after it had finished and the roads were all busy.

Tuesday, 24th June 2003

Monday, 23rd June 2003

Sunday, 22nd June 2003

Arrived at Detroit bus station around 10.30am, phoned Phil with our expensive discount phonecard. After an hour or so watching the locals in Detroit Phil & Caro turned up and took us to their home over the water in Windsor

Saturday, 21st June 2003

We took the subway from near our hotel south to the Financial District where we caught the Staten Island ferry. The ferry is free (great for poor travellers like us) and had a live band! You get some great views of the Statue of Liberty and Manhatten, in fact you can see a few of the New York districts from the boat.
Later in the day we visited the Trade centre site.
We also found a bronze bull on the bowling green near the post office.
After getting very wet iin the New York rain we got a Greyhound bus for the 14 hour journey to Detroit. The bus station in New York is a busy place and we met some characters (as you can imagine in the queue for a bus headed for Detroit). We managed to sleep most of the way, but our new minidisc players came in very handy. We were quite lucky that for once we had turned up early for something as several of the people with tickets for Detroit had to wait until the following morning as the bus got full! We had to change bus in Cleveland, which was pretty uneventful. I still dont know where Cleveland is!

Friday, 20th June 2003

Got up and had breakfast (Full monty for Anne, blueberry pancakes for me) at a cafe just off Times Square. Had a wander around, found the worlds largest internet cafe (its in the Guiness book of records), Anne found a naked cowboy, which was nice.

After exploring Times Square we walked to Central Park, passing Trump towers on the way. We found Stawberry fields (dedicated to Lennon by his missus) and the Dakota building where they lived until his death.

After hailing a cab back to Times Square and queueing for a while to buy cheap tickets then giving up (queue too long, tickets not cheap enuf!) we went over to the Empire State building.

In the evening we went to a VW hippy bar, had a walk around Little Italy. The night was spent in the Chelsea International Hostel.

Thursday,19th June 2003

Day spent travelling Preston- Manchester- London Heathrow - New York JFK.
Night spent in Americana Inn, not too far from Times Square.

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